Thoughtful Ideas For Small Home Office Furniture

Office furniture for a small home office.For some, the ability to work from home is a dream come true.  It can feel especially dreamy when your home is large enough to accommodate a full-size office.  However, for those with modest-sized homes or apartments where space is an issue, it can be a challenge to fit in everything you need for work.  Thankfully, in today’s laptop era you may need less space than you think for small home office furniture. Here are some handy tips for setting up:

  • Plan your work and work your plan. Before investing in everything you can think of for an office, do a reality check about what you really need.
  • Do an inventory. Find out now how much baggage you carry on your daily commute. Do you have boxes of papers? List them. Find out what you have.
  • Do a thorough Spring cleaning. Get rid of the miscellaneous stuff, the balls of rubber bands and so forth. You need to streamline for space, and with cloud storage you may really not need the endless reams of paper.
  • Capitalize on existing space. That odd corner of the dining room may be all you need as an office space.
  • Do a floor plan. Draw the best diagram you can of what you already have in your home, and what you already use for your office. Cutting out cardboard shapes and numbering them can help.
  • Out with the old and in with the new. Label furnishings and equipment to replace and get ready to shop for better equipment.
  • Be business savvy. Make sure your keep track of what everything costs you so that you can declare it on your taxes.

So What Does Your Home Office Need?

Putting it all together is the exciting part. Make a list of the things you want to have available for your working space. The following is a thumbnail sketch of small home office furniture you may think you need:

  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Lamp
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Artwork. You may want business visitors
  • Brick-a-brack. Staplers, scissors and a pen caddy are examples

Once you have your own unique list, cross things off. You may find that a nearby bureau drawer was just as effective as a pen caddy for miscellaneous odds and ends. A filing cabinet may not be the absolute necessity you thought it was and smaller desks may meet your needs better than larger ones.

The goal is to make sure your home stays a home while still meeting the objectives of your business. You want to be comfortable there whether you are working or not.