The standing desk: fad or the new way to work?

Standing desk: just a fad?The human race works hard. Countless people across the globe spend hours working at their desks, which has recently led to the question, “would it be a better, healthier option for these individuals to be standing behind their desks rather than sitting?” While some might think this is a ridiculous idea due to the sheer number of hours one would have to stand, the standing desk is nevertheless now appearing in offices across the globe. Here are some reasons why using a standing desk may be a viable way to work:

Energy Increase: When using a standing desk, there is an increase in blood flow causing the individual’s mind to remain or become more alert while they are working. Therefore, they have a more difficult time to become sleepy while working at their desk. Individuals working at their desk are completely aware of what is going on with their body the entire time they are working.

Increase in Co-Worker Engagement: While sitting at their desks, even when half-cubicles are in use in offices, there are a number of missed opportunities to for important discussions to take place. When standing, individuals have additional opportunities to have discussions with their co-workers when they are passing by, even if it’s just for a few minutes, at eye level. This results in an improvement in inter-office communications because, rather than constantly depending on email, face-to-face conversations are occurring where people are holding real-time engaging discussions.

Improved Core Strength and Posture: When individuals are using a standing desk, they find they are subconsciously maintaining their core strength because they are practicing good posture. Their use of standing desks also helped them relieve any stress or pain they previously experienced in their tailbones or back in comparison to sitting in chairs behind their desks for eight or more hours daily.

Ready to be on the Move: When a standing desks is in use, individuals are ready for action because they are already in a standing position. However, when in a sedentary and sitting position, it could take a few moments to get up from a sitting position and move away from desks when an emergency strikes. This is also a problem for individuals who are frequently late for meetings. When standing desks are in use, individuals are at the ready at all times and there is not issue when things come up. They are ready to leave whenever something, an emergency or a meeting, comes up.