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Standing Desks Help Combat Health Problems

standing deskIt’s no secret that obesity and sedentary lifestyles in America have been on the rise. Many health experts have revealed an astonishing, underlying culprit to many common medical problems. Believe it or not, sitting too long in chairs can have an adverse effect on health, and standing desks in offices are gaining popularity as a solution to the problem.

The World Health Organization has cited physical inactivity as the fourth leading cause of death. Americans spend nearly half of their lives sitting, and most people aren’t reaching the recommended physical activity minimums that would keep them out of the sedentary category. Numerous medical problems have been linked to sedentary lifestyles; cancer, heart disease, obesity, depression, diabetes, and neck and back problems are just some of them.

Much of the sitting takes place in an office setting while working at desks, and employers, as well as employees, are starting to feel the unfavorable effects.  British studies have confirmed that sick days from muscle, neck, and back issues that were caused from sitting, have cost them about $1.7 billion each year, and Denmark has offered a solution to the problem by  making it mandatory to give workers the option of sitting or standing while working.

Research shows that generally the more physically active someone is, the healthier they will be. Participants that had more activity throughout their work day were typically more healthy and productive than their less active coworkers. Merely an increase in standing throughout the day can make a positive difference, and standing desks are a great alternative to traditional desks since they allow users to boost their activity level. Standing desks work leg muscles, stretch the spine, increase blood circulation, and burn more calories than using a traditional desk would.

If you would like to add a standing desk to your office, OFDC carries two sizes of standing desks in a stylish espresso finish: the Fulton 48″ Standing Height Writing Desk and the Fulton 60″ Standing Height Writing Desk.