How to Scare Your Coworker

It’s Halloween week again, and it’s the one time of the year that it is partially excusable to play dress-up as an adult. It’s always good to carry on fun traditions with you into adulthood, especially if you work a nine to five. The cubicle environment can become dreary for some, and there’s no better time than a holiday to spice things up with more than just the seasonal pumpkin spiced latte. You could surprise employees at Friday’s morning meeting and treat them to complimentary donuts, sweets, and other delights. But as you might suspect, it’s always more fun to gift your coworkers with a trick and scare the bejesus out of them. Yikes! Here’s some spooky ideas:

If you and your coworker have a work culture akin to “The Office”, you might be able to really give them a fright this Halloween day. Caution: this article assumes that you will not attempt these on employees with heart problems or the elderly, you know the rules and regulations at your workplace, and we encourage you to adhere to them.

1) Their deadliest creepy crawler: the tried-and-true trick of placing a life-size rubber version of your coworker’s living fear. There’s an assortment of toys you can get at the dollar store, including but not limited to rubber bats, cockroaches, lizards, and snakes. Feel free to increase your budget if you want to go for something more lifelike, though you then risk the possibility of giving your coworker a real heart attack.

scare coworker 1


2) Ask them to reach down for a piece of paper you  need that is under a desk and have one of these lying in the darkness to greet them:

scare coworker 2


3) The good old, hanging body part. Need a hand? How about a right leg?

scare coworker 3


4) This will only work if you happen to have a baby. Ask them to hold your child and then hand them one of these:

scare coworker 4


5) Offer a bowl of candy with an eyeball inside one of the chocolates. Wrap them in authentic, beautiful candy wrapping. This is not for the faint-hearted. Definitely offer to someone with a sweet tooth for higher probabilities of success.

scare coworker 5


6) Stick some fingers in the finger food!

scare coworker 6


Don’t pass up the only chance a year to justify a prank at work. In truth, those who refuse to participate in the Halloween festivities are just plain scary.