Predicting Office Furniture Trends for 2016

If you are interesting in new, up and coming office furniture design trends, take a look at what was displayed at NeoCon in July. A lot of the trends displayed at NeoCon are expected to pick up speed in 2016. Businesses need to stay on top of new trends so that they seem up to date and knowledgeable. Also, some of these trends focus on productivity and efficiency. Take a look at the new design and furniture trends we learned about this year.

Furniture that Promotes Collaboration and Conversation

This trend (it is actually more of a workplace staple) has really been picking up steam in the last couple of years. We are slowly but surely moving away from cubical segregation into a more open working environment. What is new is the introduction of privacy pods and nooks. This is a natural occurring trend to promote distraction free spaces for workers that just need to be in the zone for a while. It is really an organic mix collaboration and personal space.

Boss office changes have also been affected by this trend. Executives offices on display by both Haworth and Herman Miller were smaller in size and some also doubled as a conference room. It is believed that with today’s technology, an executive does not need to be tied to his or her office to get the job done. These office furniture design trends allow for more flexibility and movement. The International Interior Design Association recognizes both Haworth and Herman Miller for their innovation and excellence.

Convertible Workstations

The increasingly flexible US market has taken this trend from Europe and is running with it. Some companies have taken the common sit to stand desk and turned it into an entire sit to stand workstation. This is great for startups who need office furniture that can expand and grow with them.

Also, many companies are opting for standing meetings instead of seated meetings and this is clear in all the standing conference tables that were on display. Businesses want their workers on their feet for a portion of their work day and standing during a meeting also reduces the chance of employees zoning out. A plus in standing meetings is that they are significantly shorter and more productive. Standing conference meetings will be big in 2016.

The Workplace Gets a Homier Look

One interesting trend that was huge was the introduction of residential style furnishings in the office. This includes solid wood desks that look more like dining room tables to statement lighting that would traditionally look more at home in an art gallery. It is believed that a more inspirational or comfortable workplace will help employees feel more creative and motivated.

Integration of Technology

Many new desks come ready to plug into and become one with technology. In addition to power outlets, Ethernet and USB ports, and USB charging ports can now be found on task lights. This makes for ease of connection so workers can quickly plug in and get to work. Future office furniture design trends seem to be technology focused and that is not a bad thing.

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