vacation checklist

Organizing Your Vacation Checklist

Summer’s coming and school’s out! If you’ve got a big family of little ones, your house will now become an insane asylum for hyperactive kids. If you didn’t pay to have some peace and quiet, in other words “summer camp,” chances are you’ll probably be expected to book a family vacation. There’s nothing wrong with taking time off from work to relax and spend time with your loved ones. Even though you’ll probably really miss your office pals, you’ve got to take advantage of the summer break.

vacation checklist

How you plan your vacation determines whether you’re all going to have a good time or a disastrous adventure. It is important to have a vacation checklist while planning your trip. However not all of us are gifted in putting together a thorough string of bulleted reminders, so here are a few tips to guide you along the way.

Service Your Car

If you are driving all the way to Disney World or the Grand Canyon, confirm that you have enough fuel to cover the entire trip and more. It’s always best to be prepared with a full tank of gas as well as a little extra cash for emergency fill ups. Or if you know it’s going to be more than one tank, be sure to calculate how many tanks you’ll need plus add one more. Also check your tires. Make sure they are firm and at the right PSI (air pressure) range for your vehicle. If you don’t have an air pressure gauge, it’s best to stop a gas station that does and check your tires. Conduct a quick engine appraisal to make sure it is fit to cover the mileage.

Vacations on Flight

If you are flying out, make sure you confirm your flight details at least a week before the actual travel date. On the other hand, while booking a flight try and see whether you can get the best deals for you and your family on travel sites. The best deals are often found online but you must look weeks ahead of time.

Confirm Your Accommodation Status

It can be awful to arrive at your holiday destination only to discover all hotels are booked for the night. So for your vacation checklist, make sure you confirm your hotel bookings prior to leaving. Some travel sites offer discounts for booking both a flight and a hotel on their page.  It can be an added advantage if you Google a few more accommodation options like rentals, bed and breakfast places, an inn or house exchange just in case.

Vacation Checklist Activities

Plan and book the activities ahead of time for you and your partner or family. Life is too short to waste these precious moments! Especially if you have small children, you know that in the blink of an eye they’ve grown a foot taller. Remember, kids might not remember what they had for dinner last night, but they’ll remember that mom fell out of the canoe and it was hysterical. Activities are the peak of a good family vacation. Make sure to plan them ahead of time in your vacation checklist!

Bring A Camera…or a Smartphone

These days you don’t really need a camera for trips anymore. The high-resolution, eight megapixel camera is right on the back of your convenient smartphone. One word of warning on cameras though: do NOT spend your entire trip on them! Live the moment, not the snapshot.

Hope you’ll use this vacation checklist to plan your next amazing summer experience.

And when you’re back, you can take the vacation with you and employ a new refreshing office design, full of warm and bright colors.