Office Furniture in 2015: Some expected trends

Office furniture in 2015 and the future!Some of the prominent design trends for office furniture in 2014 included allowing for open spaces, mobility in the sense of flexibility, work-spaces that promote collaboration, and colors.

The day of the cubicle, strictly demarcated working spaces, and drab two-tone office furniture has come and (thankfully) gone.

But what are the trends that can be expected for office furniture in 2015? Read on to find out.

Healthy Furniture

Designers are taking ergonomics seriously. Employers want healthy and productive employees. We expect to see an upsurge in standing desks. This would have been an unbelievable expectation just a few short years ago.

Furniture that provides adequate lumbar support will also become more common. If you consider that healthy and comfortable workers are more likely to deliver, then these expectations make sense.

Even More Mobility

The cubicle will continue its steady decline and we will see an increase in the mobility of office furniture. There are already various options that allow for the re-arranging of the communal work-space.

Sooner, rather than later, we will also see some sort of movable desk, or work station. This will allow for further flexibility and promote collaboration even more. Today you can sit with the guys in marketing and tomorrow you join the design team, all of you at your own work stations.

Not Square

An aesthetic design feature that we expect, to further facilitate the moving away from the angular cubicle is the use of curves. No more chairs with 90° degree angles. We will see how curves are employed to create a more comfortable product that is healthier and also more pleasing to the eye.


As we have mentioned already, a comfortable employee is more likely to be productive. To a certain extent, we are expecting offices and office furniture to take on a more homey feeling.

We do not expect a total lack of office structure and formality, but a subtle move towards the home office feeling.


As always, the choice is up to you. These trends are guidelines for office furniture in 2015 are what we know to be hot and hip at the moment. We are here to assist you in acquiring the furniture that will meet your needs and enable your employees to be productive.