Maintaining an Office Chair to Make it Last

If you have purchased office chairs in Fort Myers, it is a good idea to perform maintenance on them so they last longer. You want your chair to last as long as possible and maintaining your office chair will do just that.

Your office chair literally supports you during the entire workweek. However, it will accumulate dust, dust bunnies, and loosened parts that will slowly wear down your chair. Clearing out dust and tightening parts are necessary in any office chair maintenance. Keep your chair in tip top condition so it can continue serving you and keeping you comfortable.


Office chair upholstery collects a lot of dust and grime. Seriously, take your hand and give your office chair a couple of pats. You will see dust flying up out of your chair upholstery and into the air. All this dust and grime is made of small little sand like particles. Like normal sand, they will slowly eat away at the upholstery of your office chair. This will cause the chair to slowly lose cushion and comfort.

It is recommended to vacuum out your office chair once every week. This will keep dust and grit from building up. A yearly cleaning with a spray foam upholstery cleaner is also necessary. However, you may want to test for color fastness on a hidden piece of your chair upholstery. You do not want to accidently strip your office chair of color.

Leather Upholstery

Leather upholster also collects dust and grime, but the cleaning process is a little different. Vacuum off your leather office chair and then wipe it down with a damp cloth. After the leather is dry, you then need to treat it with saddle soap or leather cream. Just like with regular upholstery, it is good to check that the soap or cream you are using does not affect the finish of your office chair. Soap or cream treatment should be applied every 6 months.

Wheel or Caster Care

The part of your chair that takes the most pressure is your wheels. If you have purchased office chairs in Fort Myers, taking care of you wheels is an important part of making them last.

Wheels tend to pick up loose hair, dust bunnies, or anything else that may be on the floor of your office. The first thing you should do is turn your chair around and pull out any loose fluff or dirt. Next, give your wheels a good vacuum with a suction pipe. A tin of compressed air can also be used to clean out any extra dirt or grime. Just spray some air over the wheels and they should be nice and clean.

Office chair wheels also need lubrication. Give the spindles of the wheels a light spray of silicone spray or WD40. Make sure to protect the surrounding areas before you spray so that nothing gets stained. Wheel maintenance should happen once every 6 months.

Fixings and Screws

Over time, office chair fixings and screws tend to get loose or even go missing. This is because your chair takes a lot of abuse. It is important to check your chair for loose or missing parts so they can be tightened or replaced.

Most of the time, loose or missing parts will appear at the underside of your chair, around where the arms meet the chair back, or at the mechanism of the chair. Find all loose and missing parts and tighten or replace them. Also keep in mind the construction of your chair. Many office chairs are made of injection-molded plastic or plywood. These materials tend to have screw holes that lose their integrity. The best way to fix this issues is to use Loctite to coat the screw threads. This will keep them in place longer.

If you have office chairs in Fort Myers, take care of them by performing semi-annual maintenance. Your chair will last a long time if you take care of it.