Home Office Furniture Design Quiz

Try our home office furniture design quiz!The home office has become a staple of life these days. The ubiquitous nature of technology has us all in need of a space where we can sit down and sign in to conduct every level of business, be it personal or professional. How about taking our little home office furniture design quiz to see where you are on the issue?

What unsuspecting areas in the house could uniquely serve as an office?

  • The pantry
  • A closet
  • The space beneath the staircase

This is sort of a trick question. All of the above are easily converted into a compact office space. As long as there is sufficient area for a desktop, shelves and some storage, you have everything you need for a functional office space. The former pantry or closet can provide the convenience of closing the door, making it possible to “disappear” into the office when guests arrive.

What is both a convenient and attractive means of consolidating the living and office spaces when square footage is limited?

  • The back of the couch
  • Sharing the dining table
  • A sideboard

Kitchen counters are not the only surfaces that serve two rooms at once. In an open layout, a couch backed by a console with a counter top provides enough space to accommodate office functionality while defining the separation between lounging and working. There is no limit to the clever adaptations, whether the couch is curved, wavy or simply straight-backed.

What is the singular element of design that is most crucial to facilitating an office space?

  • A large desk
  • Lighting
  • A couch

Any office must have sufficient light for the potential of long hours of close visual work. Whether the desk is positioned directly in front of a window or enclosed in a small space with lighting fixtures affixed beneath cabinets, or above the work space, without proper illumination, the office is more decorative than purposeful.

What is more important to accommodate in the office?

  • Drawers
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets

Storage is a high priority in an office, whether it is for supplies, retention or items needed on a regular basis. If furniture is limiting, use fixtures to go up taking advantage of wall space with shelves. In some designs, a pair of file cabinets serve dual-purpose as pedestals for a desk top. Curio items should go on shelves keeping the desktop free.

What innovative desk feature allows for the most flexibility for rearranging a room?

  • A fold-out desk top
  • Casters
  • The L-shaped return

More desks are designed on wheels for the greatest of ease and ability to change your mind on where it is best positioned. Some room dividers are built-in offices on wheels that may be closed up to look like a wall when not in use.