Fun and Spooky Halloween Office Themes

Halloween Decoration With Halloween just around the corner, you may already have your home decorated for the frightful night. But why not decorate your office as well? You can easily get you and your staff in a festive mood simply by taking a little time to spruce up the office with some of the following fun and spooky decorations.

Spider Webs

Some of the most popular Halloween decorations are artificial spider webs. Drape them across desks, along walls or over the door to transform your office into a spooky hit. You can even add a fake spider or two to spruce the web up even more. Spider webs can be found at most any discount, party or craft store.


Perhaps the most popular Halloween decorations of all are pumpkins. Buy a few pumpkins of various sizes and place them in different areas around the office. If you wish, you can paint your company logo or name onto the pumpkins or carve them with scary or cute faces. If you wish, you can also purchase fake pumpkins instead.


Purchase several Halloween banners and hang them in various places around the office. This can include doors, desk fronts, walls and windows. Banners come in many different sizes and designs, and you can find them in most discount, party and crafting supply stores. Be sure to hang your banners in such a way that everyone can enjoy them.

Have a little fun in your office this year by decorating your workplace with some spooky and fun decorations. The decor described above is just a small sample of the ways you can spruce up the office. Other things you may wish to do include wearing costumes, placing a scarecrow in a corner and hanging tiny ghosts from the ceiling.