get things done

5 Tricks to Get Things Done in Your Office

get things done Here are five things to increase your office productivity and make sure you get things done before the clock hits closing time.

1. Create your to-do list for the day. A handy to-do list can help you keep track of your goals for the day. List at least one big task and a couple minor goals you plan to work on a post-it note. Stick it somewhere you can easily see it to keep the time-sensitive assignments in mind.

  1. Keep things in order. While clutter can bring out creativity for some, sorting through piles and piles of paper can take up more time than is available. File your papers and documents in labeled folders and binders. An extra tip: Use a color-coded filing system for easy access.
  1. Go for good lighting. Many studies have shown that workers prefer natural light. In fact, warm, yellowish light has been found to make workers feel sleepy. Look for a spot near the window where there’s enough natural light coming in. If this isn’t possible, you can suggest it in your next meeting for worker productivity. Mention to your supervisor that the company should consider indirect lighting for a more favorable working environment.
  1. Find the right furniture. Long hours sitting on a chair behind a desk that’s too high or too low for you can be the cause of a stiff neck, back pain, and just overall body discomfort. To start, find a chair with armrests that allow you to position your elbows close to your waist to lessen the strain on your forearms while you’re typing. You can find more tips for better ergonomics in the office here.
  1. Take a break. Don’t ruminate on one project. Taking short, frequent, five-minute breaks gives your mind some rest and allows you to refocus and recharge.

While there’s no magic formula to getting things done in your office, these few simple tricks can go a long way in helping you accomplish more throughout the day and still maintain that work vs personal life balance. After all, the more you get done at work, the more free time you’ll have to kick back and relax after.