5 Must-Haves for Your Home Office

Typically your home office is the smallest room in your home, but it’s where you get down to business. It pays to make the most out of a small amount of space. The more multipurpose items, the more space you can save while keeping your office neat and organized. The following are some great multipurpose items that will make your home office more efficient.

  • Computer Desk with Built-In Storage

computer deskWhile you may want a simple desk to use for your computer and other work, it is much more efficient to spend a little more money for a desk with built-in storage shelves or multiple drawers. This allows you to eliminate filing cabinet space usage.

  • Corner shelves

Corner shelves typically take up less space while still giving you room to display items such as framed certificates, stack paper and other essentials or just add a bit of homeliness with plants or other personal items.

  • Multi-Purpose Printer Stand

You may think that just sticking your printer on an inexpensive table from a discount store saves money, but it actually wastes valuable space. Choose a printer stand that has storage for the paper, toner, ink and other items that you only use as needed.

  • Cord Organizers

Keeping your cords organized and out of site allows for a better-looking and safer office space. This is especially true when working at home where you may have frequent visits from children or pets. Keep them out of the tangled mess!

  • Space-Saving Chair

While of course you want a comfortable chair, you also want to choose one that you can slide under your desk when you are not using. There is nothing worse than trying to dance around a chair to get to drawers, cabinets or other areas that become inaccessible due to a bulky chair blocking the way.

While your home office does not need to be as formal as a regular office, you still need to make it work efficiently to help you be productive.

Being able to make the most out of the small space the typical home office occupies can make a huge difference in the quality of work you can get done. Multi-use items can seem pricey but they will pay for themselves in productivity. A home office gives you the option to build it the way you want it, so it pays to take advantage of it!