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Office Services | Planning & Design

You don't need a diagram to move a desk. However, if your goal is to create an efficient work environment that enhances the productivity of a dynamic organization and, if you want to bring the project in on time and on budget, planning and design is critical. Office Furniture and Design is your best planning and design resource in Southwest Florida. Our expert designers have the knowledge and experience to help you make your projects a total success. We also bring to the table the combined resources of the world's leading office furniture manufacturers.

Assistance for large multi-faceted space planning projects comes through GIZA or AUTOCAD - our Computer Aided Design System. This extraordinary tool is the most powerful and up to date system in its class and offers many exciting advantages over traditional drafting methods. With CAD we can move from building shell blueprints to entire computer generated layouts in lightning speed, all within a 1/16" measurement variance upon final installation.

Give us the opportunity to find out how your office functions and we will design an office layout that helps you have a better day at work. Click here or call us at 239-337-7156 for a free space planning consultation.

Office Services | Project & Move Management

Perfect Office Environments don't just happen. Neither do on time, on budget, workspace configuration and move projects. They are the result of professional project management. Office Furniture & Design Concepts is Southwest Florida's leader in planning and executing workspace projects. Our professionals have an eye for every detail and years of hands on experience. In addition, our strong relationship with top office furniture manufacturers like Steelcase, HON, and OFUSA means we can put the world's most extensive office environment knowledgebase resources to work on your project. Whether you're busy planning new offices or your goal is to move and reconfigure existing workspaces, Office Furniture & Design Concepts will bring your project from vision to move in - on time and on budget.

Why not see what Office Furniture & Design can do to turn your project into a perfect Office Environment? Click here or call us at 239-337-7156 and we'll start our relationship with a free project consultation.

Office Services | Installation and Reconfiguration

Wouldn't it be nice if your new office environment came ready to go in one giant box? Just open the box, sit down and start working. The reality is that today's office furniture requires expert installation and configuration. Office Furniture & Design Concepts is Southwest Florida's premier provider of office furniture installation. Our experienced installers have the knowledge to get you up and running quickly and our world class service makes even complex furniture and system installations run smoothly or on time, on budget results. Perhaps you've decided to just move your existing office furniture around? Office Furniture & Design Concepts is your one stop ‘go to' source for reconfiguration. We will work with you to tear down and reassemble your existing furniture system into the configuration you're looking for. Office Furniture & Design Concepts can even assist you in designing the perfect working environment using your existing furniture.

Before you end up with the ‘some assembly required' blues Click here or call us at 239-337-7156. We'll arrange a meeting with you to review your installation or reconfiguration needs.

Office Services | Inventory & Asset Management

Having the right furniture and knowing where to find it are not always the same thing. Large office environments and organizations with mulltiple locations face an enormous challenge when it comes to managing furniture inventory. Office Furniture & Design Concepts will help you maximize your office furniture investment by helping you track what you own and where it's installed. We'll guide you in putting the right pieces into changing office layouts and in acquiring replacement inventory for your existing office systems. We'll also keep you up to date on inventory that is at risk of becoming obsolete and help you plan for all the product availability contingencies that could disturb the smooth flow of work in your office.

Let the experts at Office Furniture & Design Concepts maximize your office furniture investment and increase the longevity of your office environment.Click here or call us at 239-337-7156 and we'll go to work on developing a furniture inventory management plan for your company.

Office Services | Leasing & Rental

You already know the financial advantages of leasing your office furniture and you've made the big ‘LEASE vs. BUY' decision. Your next step is a bit trickier — you need to find and negotiate the right leasing package for your organization. Office Furniture & Design Concepts has the leasing resources of America's top office furniture manufacturers available to provide you with a complete ‘one stop package' for your new workspace. We'll help you through the maze of lease options and work with you to evaluate and secure the right solution to make your workspace project work for your bottom line. Whether you're setting up a small office in one location or configuring thousands of work stations and offices across the country, Office Furniture & Design Concepts has the experience and access to leasing programs that you need to move your project forward.

Maybe leasing is too long term for your needs. If you're looking for a short term solution for your office environment, Office Furniture & Design Concepts is your furniture rental source for Southwest Florida as well.

Let's crunch some numbers for your current project. Click here or call us at 239-337-7156 and we'll show you what office furniture leasing solutions are available for your company.

Office Services | Lighting & Accoustical Planning

Light and sound play a critical role in every successful office environment. Properly designed, the lighting and accoustics within your new workspace will enhance productivity, improve staff attitudes, reduce workplace errors, and even affect employee health. The Office Furniture & Design Concepts team includes Lighting and Accoustics professionals with many years of experience in the design and configuration of healthy workspaces. Whether you're planning to turn on the lights in your home office or your goal is to brighten the lives of thousands of employees, we can help you plan the perfect office environment.

Let us shed some light on your workspace projects. Click here or call us at 239-337-7156and we'll arrange to meet you for a free project consultation.

Office Services | Artwork & Office Accessories

Productivity starts with the office environment and the best office environment starts with Office Furniture and Design Concepts. We offer thousands of products from the world's leading office furniture manufacturers including Steelcase, HON, and OFUSA. In addition, we carry Southwest Florida's largest selection of fixtures, fabrics, accessories, and furnishings to meet every budget and every design.

Office Furniture and Design Concepts offers you much more than just a great furniture selection at competitive prices. Our team of office environment experts will work with you in every step of your project from planning through installation. We will enhance your creative vision and provide you with access to an extensive knowledge base. Once you're enjoying your new office environment, we'll also be at your side to help you maximize your investment with growth management and service consultants.

Whether you're furnishing one office or designing an entire facility, Office Furniture and Design Concepts is eager to help you create the perfect office environment.

Give us the opportunity to meet with you and to learn more about your vision for your office environment. Click here or call us at 239-337-7156for a free space planning consultation.

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